ICT concepts for optimization of mobility in smart cities - Join the Final Event on the 6th of November in Brussels

The European Commission has contracted a consortium to investigate ICT concepts for optimization of mobility in smart cities. This final event aims to present the findings of the study and its main conclusions to the stakeholders, gathering their opinion on key issues and the proposed recommendations. Each work package session will consist of a presentation and discussion. The final study report will be finalized on the basis of the outcome of the final event.

SMART0067 intends to investigate the potential of new trends and the impact they may have on urban transport. The study clearly assesses the impact of urban policy objectives on the need for research and innovation in ICT in the area of transport. Future potential ICT-based mobility services for goods in urban and inter-urban environments are taken into account.

The main objective of the study is to perform an analysis on how ICT applications can contribute to the optimization of mobility within the recently emerging European Smart Cities. The study focuses on:

  • New developments, trends and policy changes in the urban environment that would require new ICT research and development to optimize/replace mobility;
  • Assessing the impact of new urban policy objectives in order to facilitate the definition of future strategic research and innovation agendas and EU policies for ICT for mobility;
  • Identification of new ICT concepts, on EU or international level, that have the potential to offer more optimized urban mobility solutions, while still creating a safe, clean and smart transport system;
  • Providing a scenario for potentially changed mobility patterns based on available travel surveys, demographic prognosis and statistics;
  • Potential for new ICT-based mobility services for goods in urban and inter-urban environment;
  • Identifying existing gaps in knowledge and future research needs.


European Commission Beaulieu Quarter Buildings (Brussels)

Avenue de Beaulieu 25, Salle 0/S9

Time: 13.00 – 16.45

Please register by sending an e-mail to Lucas Weiss, before the 30th of October.



SMART 2011/0067 - ICT concepts for optimization of mobility in smart cities

Final Event (06.11.2012)




  • 12.30: Registration


  • 13.00: Welcome – EC, Stefanos Gouvras

Presentation and discussion of work packages

  • 13.10: Introduction to the study – AustriaTech, Martin Böhm
  • 13.20 :WP1: Overview of mobility patterns (travel surveys, demographic prognosis and statistics) – ISIS, Maurizio Tomassini
  • 13.55: WP2: Review of state-of-the-art of advanced ICT based mobility services in urban areas – POLIS, Sylvain Haon
  • 14.30 :WP3: Identification of emerging ICT concepts for optimising mobility in smart cities, scientific and technological impacts – VTT, Risto Öörni
  • 15.05: Coffee Break
  • 15.20: WP4: Assessment of social and economic impact and benefits of new emerging technologies – VTT, Risto Öörni
  • 15.55: WP5: Recommendations – AustriaTech, Lucas Weiss

Conclusions and end of event

  • 16.30: Summary and conclusion – AustriaTech, Martin Böhm
  • 16.45: End of Event