How the EU and USA cooperate on urban freight - Polis members in Baltimore!

The event was organised in the framework of the US-EC Twinning Initiative, which aims to increase knowledge and awareness on the problems and solutions for urban freight and logistics on both sides of the Atlantic.

The event highlighted key research and development projects and provided opportunities for discussion on a range of topics, including first- and last-mile deliveries, freight and land use, uses of alternative fuels for freight vehicles, public procurement, and social, political, and economic trends affecting freight and logistics. The event also served as a catalyst for continued information exchange on improved urban freight mobility, and a spark for new partnerships that grow and strengthen an international community of freight practitioners.

Hot topics identified during the event on which cooperation will continue are:

  • Drivers shortage and stakeholder behaviour
  • Automation
  • Best incentives for sustainable urban freight – also for data sharing
  • Reducing emission: Eco-driving, CNG besides electric vehicles
  • Customer/consumer responsibility and awareness raising

Polis, CIVITAS, BuyZET and NOVELOG will keep supporting the US-EC Twinning Initiative on urban freight, encouraging the strengthening of direct good practice exchange between local authorities.

Agenda and presentations are available here: