Getting better organised to deliver urban transport services: the EPTA project kicks off!

The EU has established policy goals to achieve a more sustainable transport system.The complexity of meeting the mobility needs of all its citizens requires a clearer vision and an effective and coordinated governance approach.

It is important for policy makers and local governments to coordinate competences among different stakeholders at different levels within a clear and proper policy framework. In order to increase transport sustainability, with specific actions on public transport, different approaches were already adopted, among which the establishment of specific authorities.

The EPTA project will define and analyse institutional settings in which the 7 key activities related to public transport sector governance are deployed: regulation, planning, tendering and contract awarding, Integration, promotion, management and control.

The consortium is made of 11 partners and led by Polis member Bologna. Polis is leading the component on dissemination activities.

The project website will be soon available.

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