Get ready to mainstream urban transport innovation: NICHES+ tools now available

The Urban Transport Innovation Box

One of the main objectives of NICHES+ is to promote succesful innovative approaches in urban transport and to encourage take-up by other cities in Europe. To this end, the NICHES+ partners produced a number of publications which have been collected in a “Urban Transport Innovation Box”. This box contains “Guidelines for Implementers” on 12 selected measures in the field of accessibility, infrastructure and interchanges, traffic management and automated and spaceefficient vehicles, a “Summary Brochure” and a “Study Tour Catalogue”. The Urban Transport Innovation Box can be ordered via the project coordinator, individual publications can also be downloaded from the project website.

Guidelines for Implementers

The Guidelines for Implementers, 16 page brochures in English, were developed in close consultation with leading experts and experienced transport professionals, providing an overview of costs and benefits, check lists, good practice examples and potential users and stakeholders that need to be involved. Even more important, the Guidelines offer a step-by-step approach in order to move from theory to practice, describing in detail what needs to be done to prepare and implement a selected measure, as for example the introduction of bus rapid transit or the construction of passenger-friendly intermodal interchanges.

Summary Brochure

This publication – a 36 page brochure available in English, German, French, Polish and Spanish - aims to introduce local authorities and urban transport professionals to the 12 selected innovative concepts. Each concept is illustrated with good practice examples, key benefits, decision criteria for implementation and useful references.

Study Tour Catalogue

Throughout the NICHES+ project, Working Group experts and Champion City representatives organised and joined a series of site visits to European cities that pioneered specific innovative transport measures. In order to allow other transport practitioners – and decision makers – to learn from these succesful examples, the NICHES+ team developed a travel guide on urban transport innovation in Europe, presenting 36 cities in three different categories: Innovation Leaders, Award Winners and Other Cities to Discover. Each of the city profiles contains useful contact information and weblinks, allowing you to prepare your own study tour.

e-Learning tool

As additional dissemination tool in innovative format, NICHES+ developed three e-learning courses on the following topics: travel training for public transport, neighbourhood accessibility planning and traffic management centres.  
The e-learning modules offer a guided training tour with text, illustrations, videos and quizzes. They are accessible through

NICHES+ is also proud to present a video report of its final conference: watch it here.

All the key outputs can be downloaded from either or, most of the publications are also available in print and can be ordered for free through project coordinator Polis via

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