FOT-Net at euroFOT Final Event

The FOT-Net project which offers a networking platform for FOT-related projects was present at the euroFOT Final Event. The euroFOT Final Event took place at the Autoworld museum in Brussels on 26-27 June 2012. The event unveiled the results from a four-year study focused on the impact of driver assistance systems in Europe. For over twelve months, one thousand cars and trucks equipped with advanced driver assistance systems travelled European roads, and, for most of them, at each turn, acceleration, and lane change, their movements were tracked and recorded. If widely deployed across the EU, the systems studied by euroFOT could potentially reduce accidents and resources. The two-day final event included around 30 sessions revealing results on behaviour, acceptance and usage, impact and cost benefit analysis, and lessons learned with regards to different testing hypotheses, data collection and management and FOT execution. Well-attended, by almost 200 participants, it presented a good opportunity to disseminate FOT-Net.

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