Flemish Region enters dialogue with road safety stakeholders to shape future regional policy

The consultation was coordinated by the VSV (Flemish Foundation for traffic science) and started from the recognition of the fact that, looking at road fatalities and injuries, Flanders is doing average, compared to other European regions and countries. The target to limit the number of fatalities to 200 and the number of heavily injured to 1500 by 2020 is of high importance in this regard.

The recommendations are structured along 6 thematic areas, new areas of competence of the Flanders Region:

  • Driver education (amongst the recommendations: life long learning for drivers)
  • infrastructure and vehicle technology (a.o. handbook and guidelines for safe road design)
  • Regulation and enforcement (a.o. simplification of speed regimes)
  • Education and awareness raising (a.o. promoting local awareness raising initiatives)
  • Data gathering (a.o. establishment of road safety indicators)
  • General recommendations (a.o. appropriate financing mechanism for road safety measures)

The Regional Minister Hilde Crevits has stated she is happy with the recommendations and with the commitment of the stakeholders. Her objective is to make Flanders in a leading example for road safety in Europe.

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