Flanders Region: on course for transport innovation

53 municipalities are involved in the PIEK2 project for urban freight logistics. The project deals with silent and sustainable deliveries in the early morning and late night and with stakeholder dialogue and urban freight planning. 5 large retailes are involved in the project too: Colruyt, Delhaize, Albert Heijn, Carrefour and Lidl, representing up to 80 procent of the food market. A trial in 9 Flemish cities proved that silent deliveries are highly appreciated by municipalities, the freight sector and the residents living close to the destinations of the freight deliveries.   

Flanders is also engaging in advanced radio tunnel transmitting. Over the coming years, all Flemish tunnels will be equiped with a system that can override car audio systems to broadcast an emergency message. The system is currently being tested in one tunnel. The objective is to inform traffic faster in case of accidents or disasters.

A final short news about Flanders is the fact that on the 3rd of October, the Flemish Parliament adopted a resolution asking the Flemish government to progress ISA as a priority measure to tackle speeing and reduce deaths and serious injuries. The government should enable the use of digital maps for ISA, and implement it in the vehilce fleet of the Flemish Government.