First taxi-motorcycles in Brussels to run from autum 2011 onwards

Polis member Brussels Capital Region starts a test run of taxi-motorcycles. The test will run for two years and will include 15 PTWs. The Brussels regional minister in charge, Brigitte Grouwels, states the following: "Other European cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam have positive experiences with this transport mode. The modal share of taxis in Brussels is low, compared to other capital cities (1%). By measures such as these, the taxi market can grow and taxis can become an alternative for (second) car ownership."

The taxi-motorcycles will be licenced through a procedure involving an independent jury. At this moment is is not decided whether the licence will go to one operator, or 15 individual taxi-drivers. Taxi-motorcycles will have to be clearly recognisable. Customers will have to wear safety clothing and a helmet. The tarrif should not be lower than the tarrif of "real" taxis.

(source: De Standaard)