First Autolib’ stations and vehicles operating in Paris

The service will be monitored closely over the coming months and will be officially inaugurated on 1 December by the Mayor of Paris, Bertrad Delanoë, at which time there will be 250 vehicles and 250 stations available.

More stations and vehicles will be introduced progressively. The number of stations will increase to 500 in Paris and around 1000 in total throughout the wider Paris (Ile-de-France) region (1 200 stations at the end of deployment). Ultimately, some 3000 BlueCars will be made available for the service. BleuCars are electric vehicles with four seats offering an average charge time of about four hours. According to the manufacturer, BlueCars have a drive range of 250km in town and 150 km outside. BlueCars can only be driven within the Ile-de-France region. If driven outside the region, the driver will be contacted by an operator.

Autolib’ will offer three types of subscriptions covering one year (Premium), weekly (Hebdomadaire) or daily (Découverte). There are two main costs involved in using Autolib’ which will vary depending on the type of subscription taken: the first is a subscription charge and the second is the rental charge which will be between €5 and €7 for the first 30 minutes, slightly less for the second half-hour and slightly more for subsequent 30-minute periods. Some 1000 ‘ambassadors’ are being recruited to guide users through the steps in becoming an Autolib’ user.

Autolib’ will improve the environment and promote sustainable growth:  200 million driving km/year are expected to be shifted from combustion to “0” carbon engines, 15 000 parking places should be moved from private to public usage, and less street noise and air pollution should encourage more outdoor activities.

For further information about Autolib’, go to the official Autolib’ website (French only) or the city of Paris website (French or English)