Expert seminar New governance and investment strategies in metropolitan regions

The Rotterdam-The Hague Region is a new voluntary metropolitan cooperation between the two large neighbouring cities and 21 other municipalities. Recently, the OECD published a thorough analysis of the metropolitan cooperation in the Rotterdam–The Hague Region and the metropolitan region is on the brink of deciding about a common investment programme. This makes it a good moment to reflect upon our ambitions in a European perspective of new governance and investment strategies in polycentric metropolitan areas. This reflection will be sharpened with a comparison of other metropolitan areas in Europe.


The Rotterdam-The Hague Region in the Netherlands is governed by a balanced governance structure of 23 large and small cities and municipalities in a rather small geographical area. The Rotterdam – The Hague region is therefore developing an ambitious investment programme to adapt its regional economy to new challenges. The background, process, content and further steps of this investment strategy (Next Economy) modernising the economy in the metropolitan area will be highlighted during the event. The advantages of this metropolitan governance structure and this investment programme will be compared with the recommendations of a recent OECD-report, with the ambitions of the European Fund on Investment Strategies (EFSI) and with the practices of two other European metropolitan regions (Aix-Marseille-Provence and Warsaw metropolitan region). The international seminar is organised in cooperation with the OECD (Paris) and the URBAN Intergroup of European Parliament.


Expert meeting about the future of European metropolitan regions, their significance to accelerate the economic development of Europe and to increase Europe’s competitiveness. See the programme for more details.

Target audience

Policymakers in metropolitan areas, policy makers of the European Commission, members of European Parliament (URBAN Intergroup) and professionals interested in urban discussions and the further development of the Pact of Amsterdam and the Urban Agenda are the target audience. There is a limited number of places for the expert seminar of approximately hundred participants. Prior registration is compulsory.

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