Evaluating the tangible benefits of sustainable urban mobility measures: Submit your EVIDENCE!

A recent review of SUMP implementation in Europe identified a considerable need to increase activity. The review found that there is currently a legal definition of a SUMP in only 4 countries, and an effective programme of SUMP implementation is only apparent in 7 countries. Whilst activity might be ‘high’ in these countries, there remains a substantial way to go until the SUMP approach is effectively integrated into mainstream transport planning. A SUMP Map shows the different levels of SUMP activity in all EU countries.

A strong evidence base of effects can encourage greater investments in sustainable transport and can help unlocking the potential of wider SUMP implementation across Europe. To this purpose, the EVIDENCE project is currently collecting evidence coming from all interested stakeholders about the costs and benefits of investment made in sustainable transport measures. After collection and assessment of the evidence, a reference database will be compiled, tailor made for use by transport policy decision-makers and practitioners at local and national level. The project is interested in all assessments (both quantitative and qualitative) of economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits of sustainable urban mobility measures. The evidence gathered will be published on Wikipedia including a list of all sources reviewed. A summary will be translated into 22 European languages and used to disseminate the study findings.

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