European Electromobility Observatory launched

In order to implement effective electromobility policies at all levels an insight in high quality general data on electric vehicle and its infrastructure distribution, use and needs as well as business cases is needed. The European Electromobility Observatory (EEO) is the European Commission's reply to these challenges. The EEO aims to become the main reference point for tracking of electro-mobility developments in Europe.

The objective is to develop a highly automated and standardized data collection system, maintaining however the greatest possible flexibility to adjust to new developments and needs for certain critical data. The EEO seeks to cover all major EV developments in Europe and to engage a large number of local authorities and industry stakeholders.

Through a dedicated EEO internet portal for fast and effective data input and analysis, the EEO will facilitate the reduction and duplication of surveys. In addition regular workshops and webinars will be organized to address the major issues and to exchange experiences and best practice.

The first workshop including a focus on charging infrastructure of electric vehicles will take place in Brussels on 24 January 2013. In view of the planned publication of the EU Clean Power for Transport Initiative, including an EU Directive on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, the workshop will collect input on national infrastructure needs and challenges.

For more information on the EEO please contact Sylvain Haon.