European capitals commit to further use waterways for freight movement

The five cities, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Budapest, recognise the potential of their inland waterways as a sustainable and efficient solution for bringing goods in and out of their city, thereby avoiding the road-based congestion in and around these large conurbations. One 16 September 2011, these five cities signed the charter ‘Connecting with waterways: a Capital Choice’.

Moreover, by promoting waterborne transport, these cities hope to contribute to achieving CO2-free logistics, one of the goals of the European Transport Policy. To enhance the role of waterway transport, the political authorities of these European capitals will strengthen dialogue with the inland port authorities and take the necessary steps to tackle the growing challenges of urban freight supply and distribution.

European capitals are expected to play an important role in the revision of the Trans-European Transport policy, as they will be considered primary nodes of the TEN-T core network. By signing this charger, the five cities aspire to be frontrunners in finding and promoting best practices to achieve the ambitious goes put forward by the Commission.

Other capital cities with ambitions to promote greater use of their waterways are welcome to join this initiative. For further information, go to: