EU consultation on multimodal information

Following up the work in the domain of multimodal journey planning and information services carried out under the ITS Action Plan (Action 1.5 Promotion of multimodal journey planners) and ITS Directive (priority action (a) provision of EU-wide multimodal information), taking stock of the 1st Smart Mobility Challenges on multimodal journey planners ( ) and discussions held during the Informal Ministerial Meeting in Cyprus in July 2012, the Commission would like to gather stakeholders' opinion on a number of remaining challenges preventing the broad deployment of Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services, and on a number of measures by which the European Commission is proposing  to overcome them.

Some of the questions in the consultation refer to, for instance, the potential (detrimental) impacts of multimodal information and travel planning services on the overall efficiency of transport system, the different modes of transport, the costs of a trip or the administrative burden. Others refer to the main challenges to be addressed such as lack of access to existing transport data or availability of such data and lack of fully interoperable format of data exchange. Respondents can also rate the concrete measures envisaged to be applied at EU level in order to address and to lift the remaining barriers to the development of European Multimodal Travel Planning and Information Services. They can as well provide additional comments.

This is the scope of the public consultation opened from 19/12/2012 to 12/03/2012 and available on, in which you are invited to express your opinion.

Polis will draft an answer to the consultation and is looking forward to input from its members as well.