EU City Modal Split Database launched

This is the first publicly accessible database that allows easy access to such data on a European-wide scale. The database is currently rapidly expanding, as users can easily upload ( city data.

The TEMS database was created with the support of Intelligent Energy Europe in the project EPOMM-PLUS. Set up in May 2011, the content of the database has been growing. At the official launch in October 2011, TEMS contained modal split data from more than 150 cities from 15 European countries.

Each city across Europe can upload their own data and control the data themselves. Already the database is packed with data uploaded by the EPOMM-PLUS partners. Data from the cities is checked by an administrator and is publicly available within one week after submission. This important data can be found at Users can select a city from the map or compare a group of cities using the search options in the menu. City data including developments over time and details about the survey methodology used can be conveniently downloaded as pdf.

TEMS aims to show the modal split of all cities in the EU with more than 100.000 inhabitants (there are well over 600 such cities). Smaller cities and non-European cities are shown for test and demonstration purposes only. EPOMM expects and supports a rapid expansion of the database. EPOMM also hopes this will enable comparison and a positive competition between cities for more sustainability. Finally, with TEMS EPOMM aims to promote efforts and discussions to make modal split data and surveys more standardised in the future.