Enhancing passenger mobility services in Toulouse

Between 2005 and 2010, as part of the CIVITAS MOBILIS project and through the support of the ERDF, Tisséo-SMTC renewed its ticketing system, making it electronic and interoperable with other local transport networks through the Pastel contactless smartcard.

Today, Tisséo-SMTC continues working towards improving traveller mobility. Building on the success of the city’s bike and car-sharing services, Pastel now works with the VélôToulouse and Mobilib systems. Users equipped with Pastel also get a reduced price on bike-sharing services. In the near future, Pastel will integrate further services (tourism, education, etc.) and the development of Near Field Communication solutions also planned for Toulouse will simplify passengers’ experience, making possible mobile payments through the combination of multimodal information.

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