ECOSTARS for cleaner freight and passenger fleets

The first “ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme” was developed in 2009 in South Yorkshire as part of a regional air quality initiative. This was in response to the decline of heavy industry in South Yorkshire, and an accordingly increasing impact of road transport on local air quality.

Tailor-made support

In June this year, a European ECOSTARS project kicked off which promotes more efficient and cleaner freight and passenger transport. ECOSTARS EUROPE will set up seven Fleet Recognition Schemes in 6 countries including Polis member Rotterdam. Development of ECOSTARS schemes will be guided by a European Wide Reference Group, with common scheme standards to be established.

Each ECOSTARS scheme will rate vehicles and operating practices using simple star rating criteria, to recognise levels of environmental and energy savings performance. Operators will then receive tailor-made support to ensure the fleet is running as efficiently and economically as possible, to help them progress to higher ratings within the scheme.

Guide for local authorities to set up ECOSTARS schemes

ECOSTARS Europe supports other local authorities that are interested to get involved in ECOSTARS and benefit from:

  • As a means of engaging with commercial and passenger transport fleet operators;
  • to seek to reduce the negative impacts of road transport, with the aim of improving local Air Quality;
  • to contribute to carbon and emissions reductions targets, as part of an Environmental or Air Quality Strategy.

The project will also produce a guide for local authorities into setting up ECOSTARS schemes so that the lessons from the project can be used in the future. Those interested to develop ECOSTARS in their area should contact Dagmar Röller.

Project leaflet: click here.