EC consultation on impact of EC ITS Directive

The ITS Directive provides the legal framework to support the coordinated and coherent deployment and use of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) within the European Union, in particular across borders. It defines four priority areas for ITS development and deployment, which are implemented through delegated acts in the form of legal, technical and organisation specifications.

The evaluation will cover the full scope of the Directive, including the delegated acts adopted under the Directive, the Directive's working programme and guidelines for reporting, as well as the functioning of the ITS Committee and the ITS Advisory Group.

The evaluation will also take into consideration relevant aspects of the Action Plan and of standards and non-binding measures to facilitate the deployment of ITS in road transport. Based on the evaluation, it will be determined if improvements to the Directive are necessary, which would then provide the basis for a possible impact assessment for revision of the Directive.

The consultation is open until 28 July at this link.