EC Commissioner for Climate Change hints about decarbonisaiton transport communication

His intervention covered the aftermaths toward the COP21 Paris Agreement, its international dimension and the foreseen EU legislative measures in 2016 that copes with this framework.

For the first time, an outline of the decarbonisation transport package was given:

"The Communication on decarbonisation of transport will indicate how the transport sector can contribute to achieving the 30% objective. It will also provide Member States and stakeholders with an idea of the different options available, both at European and at National level, to achieve that target. The communication will be organised around the main three levers:

- Improvements in efficiency of vehicles: mainly through the setting of emissions standards for cars and vans and the review of the test cycles

- Management of road transport activity (including the shift to other modes, charging systems, intelligent transport systems, etc.)

- Decarbonisation of fuels, including alternative fuels and an electrification strategy."

This gives an overview as to what can be expected from the European Commission services. This Communication is currently prepared by the Energy Union project team composed of 4 DGs, coordinated by the SecGen and will be accompanied by an analytical document. A roadmap to this communication is under production and will be unveiled soon, with a possiblity to provide feedback.

The entire Canete speech is available here