Dutch national ecodriving programme opened

The Dutch national ecodriving programme Het Nieuwe Rijden I Electric Vehicle Centre is a globally unique experience centre that provides information to commercial organizations and private individuals on all aspects of electric transport as well as other options for the use of clean vehicles. In addition to independent information provision, the centre offers test facilities for all models and brands of electric vehicles.

Minister Schultz van Haegen said: ‘In ten years’ time, we want to have 200,000 electric cars on the road in order to reduce our traffic-related CO2 emissions. We want to reach as many people as possible to inform them about sustainable mobility. The best way to experience what it is like to drive a fuel-efficient electric car is to see it with your own eyes and actually get behind the wheel. The Dutch national ecodriving programme Het Nieuwe Rijden I Electric Vehicle Centre offers people this opportunity. That is why we support this initiative through the Institute for Sustainable Mobility.’

Convince by experience

One of the main objectives of the centre is to advise the 1000 largest companies in the Netherlands on mobility issues within 3 years, and to allow them to experience the benefits of electric driving. Alfred Möller and Marcel Broersma, initiators of the Dutch national ecodriving programme HNR | EV Centre, declared: ‘An electric vehicle is essentially a large battery on wheels. The sales process therefore requires a totally different approach compared to traditional vehicles. In this centre, we provide independent advice on all models and brands of electric vehicles and related issues such as grant schemes, charging points, insurance and leasing aspects. But what I like best about the centre is that we can fire people’s enthusiasm by allowing them to experience hands-on what it feels like to drive an electric car.’

Het Nieuwe Rijden

Het Nieuwe Rijden (the Dutch national ecodriving programme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, implemented by the Institute for Sustainable Mobility) is the principal partner of the centre, and the partner from whom the centre derives its name. Under the name of ‘Het Nieuwe Rijden’, initiatives are supported which lead to reduction of CO2 emissions. The use of electric vehicles (powered by green power) instead of internal combustion vehicles is in perfect alignment with this objective. In the centre, Het Nieuwe Rijden also devotes a specific focus to providing motorists with tips on fuel-efficient driving practices, as well as information on the choice between various types of fuel, tyres and modes of transport. Furthermore, it showcases inspiring examples of projects that are currently being developed with the support of Het Nieuwe Rijden, under the slogan: ‘Het Nieuwe Rijden | will take you further’.

Rotterdam Climate Initiative

Alderwoman Alexandra van Huffelen of the City of Rotterdam is the project’s ambassador. Rotterdam aims to become the most sustainable world city and port of its kind, and actively contributes to the ambition target of securing a leading position for the Netherlands in the area of electric transport. One of the objectives of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative (RCI) is to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2025. In addition, Rotterdam is deeply committed to improving the air quality as well as to noise abatement. Electric transport will contribute significantly towards these goals. Apart from this, new sustainable developments will help to strengthen the regional and national economy. Alderwoman Van Huffelen commented: ‘People from all over the country who are interested in electric transport can come to Rotterdam to experience the joy and benefits of electric driving. This is a unique opportunity, and the City of Rotterdam fully supports this initiative as we feel that over time, it will help to change people’s behaviour in a way that will contribute towards a better quality of life.’


The parties who have contributed towards the realization and implementation of the Dutch national ecodriving programme Het Nieuwe Rijden I Electric Vehicle Centre are (listed in alphabetical order): ANWB, Athlon Car Lease, Bovag, Centraal Beheer Vereniging DOET, Ecomobiel, Stichting, Eneco, Formule E-team, GE, the City of Rotterdam, Green Mobility, Het Nieuwe Rijden, ING, ING Car Lease, IVA Driebergen, KPMG, KPN, LeasePlan Nederland, LSI Projects Investments, proov, Rabobank, RAI Vereniging, RET, Rotterdam Climate Initiative, RTC, Stedin, Travelcard, Van Gansewinkel Groep and the World Wildlife Fund. In addition to these parties, virtually every car brand active in the field of electric transport is involved in the initiative.