Dresden's officials test electric cars

As one of the pilot sites of Germany's showcase electromobility Dresden's officials use electric cars in the city this week to demonstrate their committment to more climate friendly transport.

Since May 2011 an electric Citroen C-Zero is part of the city's fleet which has been used and tested by staff in the past months. It makes 130km in summer, while the distance to drive before charging the battery has been reduced by 20 to 30km during the current cold winter days, reports the city of Dresden. The average energy consumption so far has been 17 kilowatt hours for 100km. This translates to 2,7 litres super/100km in convential fuels.

Specifically for this week's action thre additional electric vehicles have been made available for free, Opel-Ampera, Renault Fluenceand eSmart.