Dresden on its way to integrated cycling policy

BYPAD is a certified process to reflect the quality level of the cycling policy in a town through differentiation in nine different modules. Based on the resulting quality score a bicycle action plan is prepared to serve as a guideline for further cycling policy. The local cycling strategy was evaluated by a consortium including political stakeholders, bicycle lobby groups and city municipality in two meetings between November 2011 and February 2012.

Dresden's deputy mayor for city development Jörn Marx and cycling delegate Nora Ludwig received the BYPAD certificate from Prof Gerd-Axel Ahrens and Thomas Böhmer from TU Dresden, Chair for transport and infrastructure planning who also served as moderators for the BYPAD process.

16% of all trips are made by bike in Dresden, which is the double the share cycling had 10 years ago. To further increase the use of bicycles in transport, the city is working on a number of local and European projects, incl. Central MeetBike.

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