Do the Right Mix: Third Call for SUM Funding Applications now open

If you are a non-commercial enterprise – such as an NGO, a local authority, a public body or a school/university/research institute – you are eligible to register your promotional action and apply for up to €7000 of financial support to boost your campaign initiative. The action must take place in an EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway. Please note that campaigners in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Romania and the UK are not eligible to apply as these countries already receive targeted support for setting up national campaigns.

Applying for funding is an easy online process: go to, create an account, and register the promotional action.

You will then be asked to provide additional information regarding the budget, planning and promotion of your initiative and to describe the link with relevant EU initiatives and programmes in the field of transport and energy-efficiency. You will also be required to upload digital scans of documents that allow verification of the legal status of your organisation.

For more information on the call for applications please visit or send an e-mail to