Cycling Route Planning made easy in Aalborg

Where ever you want to go by bike in the municipality of Aalborg by bike, you can plan it with the new cycling route planner. The planning tool covers the whole municipality – in total more than 1,100 square kilometres and around 2,000 kilometres of roads and dedicated cycling roads and paths.

Are you going from one end of the municipality to the other, you will be able to travel precisely 80 kilometres without detouring and this trip even includes being transported by ferry across the Limfjord and about four kilometres on a dedicated cycling road built on closed railway tracks. Possibilities for planning your trips are many and you can use the cycling planner when you are planning your shopping trip or your trip to the countryside on a sunny Sunday. You can choose between two route types: the shortest or the recommended. The recommended can be a bit longer than the shortest one, but will also use smaller and safer roads.

For more than ten years, it has been possible to plan your route in Aalborg, but even though the route planner was updated regularly, it was still missing the newest information on the comprehensive cycling network in Aalborg. Also, the technology and the map in the old cycling route planner were outdated and a new solution was needed.

The new cycling route planner was realised as part of the first Cycling City Aalborg project which just recently ended. You can try it out here by clicking on "Cykelruteplanlægger"

Learn more about the cycling route planner and other ITS solutions for soft modes in Aalborg at the Polis annual conference.