Contribute to the EPA parking dataset!

In order to improve the feasibility of the results, EPA is looking for more data, and has produced a new questionnaire that can be filled in easily and directly on the EPA website in nine different languages:

Please choose a language and click on the correspondent link. We would appreciate if you spend some minutes to fill the data for your city. Your contribution will be of great help. The survey is online until December 13, 2012.
The data collected will be kept confidentially by EPA, and no data from a single city will be published. The general estimations obtained will be published by EPA in September 2013 at the 16th EPA congress in Dublin.

The results shall be published at the occasion of the 16th EPA Congress in Dublin in September 2013.

Please contact the data collection telephone number +34 933 308 709 or mail to for any questions you may have.