Complementarity of different FOTs and re-use of data

A large number of FOTs (Field Operational Tests) have been performed or are on-going. Field Operational Tests aim to assess the efficiency, quality, robustness and acceptance of ICT solutions used for smarter, safer, cleaner and more comfortable transport solutions. These ambitions cannot be fulfilled completely by just one FOT. In order to know more about the impact of these systems, it is worth trying to compare the results of different FOTs. Two large European FOTs, euroFOT and TeleFOT are concluding this year. Although the first project addressed advanced driver support systems and the second tested nomadic devices, it will be very interesting to discuss how their results may be compared. The FOTs on cooperative systems are ongoing, but a major issue for these projects is how their combined results may answer questions about the future impact and deployment of communication between vehicles and infrastructure, and between vehicles.

FOTs generate a huge amount of data, but the projects do not always have the resources to fully analyse them. How can this data be made use of by people other than the project partners, and how can they be shared within the FOT community? This is the second topic to be addressed by the seminar.

The seminar will consist of presentations, discussions, and small group exercises.

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