Company mobility policies: best practices identified

Many workplaces have developed in recent years mobility policies to reduce the number of staff commuting to work using single occupant vehicles (SOVs). How succesfull these policies are? How do they influence commuters' behaviour towards more sustainble transportation modes?

This research looks at the Belgian case and examines data collected from a large-scale Belgian survey, into commuter practices, conducted under the home-to-work-travel (HTWT) programme in 2005 and 2008, led by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Mobility and Transport.

The database represents the commuting behaviour of about a third of all workers in Belgium.

The analysis reveals success factors and barriers to promoting sustainable mobility policies. In conclusion researchers lament that mobility policies tend to promote only one specific alternative mode of transport to SOVs. Mobility policies would benefit from an integrated vision which promotes several modes of transport.

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Source: VanMalderen, L., Jourquin, B., Thomas, I., et al (2012) On the mobility policies of companies: What are the good practices? The Belgian case. Transport Policy. 21: 10-19. DOI:10.1016/j.tranpol.2011.12.005.