Clean Vehicle Portal to be upgraded to encourage more joint procurement in Europe

The current Clean Vehicle Portal ( offers broad information on public procurement of clean vehicles, detailed  overview of EU legislation, EU programmes and projects related to procurement rules and the endorsement of low-emission vehicles in the EU, as well as a number of procurement cases from around Europe. It also gives information related to clean vehicles by member state and offers a Total Operational Lifetime Costs of a Vehicle calculator. According to directive 2009/33EC fuel efficiency, pollutant emissions and lifetime costs have to be considered in public procurement of vehicles. The Clean Vehicle Portal is an important tool for purchasers to determine the overall costs of a vehicle and compare them to others.

The aim of the upgrade of the portal is to enhance its functionalities, to make it more user-friendly and informative and to attract more visitors than it currently does. As part of the European Commission‘s new communications strategy, the new portal will become part of the EU-websites environment and will follow the European Commission websites identity. It will also be hosted on the European Commission servers. The consortium discussed during the kick-off meeting the goals of the upgrade and steps to follow, and identified as the broadest aims of the project awareness-raising about the benefits of joint procurement in Europe and an increase in cross-border procurement of clean vehicles.