Clean fuels, clean vehicles, clean cities

Most CIVITAS cities include measures for clean vehicles and clean fuels in their integrated strategies. The implementation of clean(er) vehicles helps to reduce air pollution, improving the quality of life and health of citizens. The introduction of biodiesel or biogas vehicles can also lead to greater energy independence (from fossil fuels), reduction of the impact of the transport sector on global climate change, and relief from unstable oil prices.

The conference on 15 June will introduce participants to relevant measures and initiatives in Europe. The host city is currently testing energy-efficient public transport fleets at a significant scale and will serve as a local showcase for the use of alternative fuels. This includes an in-house biodiesel mixing installation run by the public transport company, which prepares different mixing blends for different types of buses, and the testing of a hybrid bus.

The conference is complemented with two training workshops and technical site visits on:

  • establishing policies and implementing measures concerning electric vehicles, biofuels and used cooking oil collection in tourist regions;
  • clean vehicle procurement and tools for public authorities.

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