CIVITAS webinar on mobility training for specific target groups. SAVE THE DATE: 22 January.

The webinar will showcase five short presentations of successful training initiatives from CIVITAS cities as well as other parties, including a wide range of target groups, like senior citizens, students, parents, people with learning disabilities or immigrants.

The webinar will be held on January 22nd at 14:00 CET.

The programme will be available in the second week of January. Registration will open on the CIVITAS website.

This webinar is part of the series of online training activities organised by the ten CIVITAS Thematic Groups in cooperation with the CIVITAS cities from January to March 2013.

The CIVITAS thematic groups act as a community of practice which consist of a group of peers exchanging experience and knowledge on the topic. Designed as a resource for CIVITAS cities, each thematic group has a main contact point, as well as links to other city representatives working on the topic.

Group membership is open to all CIVITAS Forum members and to city representatives from outside the CIVITAS Forum Network.

For more information on the ten CIVITAS Thematic Groups, please visit the CIVITAS website.

Find the Thematic Groups on LinkedIn and connect directly with your peers in other cities.