CIVITAS Forum kicks off the next stage of the EU initiative: CIVITAS Capital

The annual CIVITAS Forum brings together members of the CIVITAS network, politicians and technical experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities to introduce measures and policies to improve sustainable urban mobility across Europe.

The key theme of the 2013 edition was 'Implementing sustainable urban mobility with less' and there were 12 sessions that ranged from technical sessions to training sessions across a wide variety of topics.
In the awards ceremony, Polis member Bologna received the Public Participation Award for the ‘European Cycling Challenge’ and the City of Aalborg received 3rd place for the CIVITAS City of the year.

The forum also marked the beginning of the next stage of the CIVITAS initiative with CIVITAS Capital which will consolidate the knowledge and experience of the last 11 years, and Polis is in charge of identifying and producing the CIVITAS ‘flagship measures’ brochure and the creating the transferability methodology of such measures from city to city.

The 12th edition of the CIVITAS Forum will take place next year in Casablanca!