CIVITAS Activity Fund - First Call for Proposals Open

The call will be open for five weeks. The deadline for applications is 4 april 2014. Following an evaluation by the CIVITAS CAPITAL management committee and final approval by the European Commission, the co-funded take-up activities are expected to start by the end of May 2014.

CIVITAS CAPITAL is seeking proposals for the following take-up levels:

  1. Being inspired: study tours, workshops or similar activities at the initial take-up phase
  2. Structural dialogue: concrete staff exchange between take-up and donor cities
  3. Studies: evaluation (long-term, impact and process), feasibility studies, etc.
  4. Systematic transfer: feasibility studies leading towards pilot demonstration and implementation

Between 3 and 5 take-up activities per take-up level are expected to receive up to 50% co-funding between €1.000 and €10.000.

The CIVITAS CAPITAL project has been set up to systematically capitalise on the results of CIVITAS and create an effective value chain for urban mobility solutions. It places specific emphasis on supporting the transfer of successfully implemented CIVITAS measures from pioneer to take-up cities across Europe.

For more information and all call documents, visit or contact