CityHush workshop "Acoustically green cities" takes place in Perugia

CityHush supports city administrations with the development and implementation of noise action plans according to the directive EC 2002/49.

Noise action plans made with existing technology suffer from major shortcomings: there is a poor correlation between hot spots and annoyance and complaints, most measures lead to increased emissions, and only indoor noise comfort is addressed. In order to reduce noise in city environments, CityHush developed suitable problem identification and evaluation tools and designs noise reduction solutions for hot spots that show a high correlation with annoyance and complaints.

At the 2012 Polis Conference on 29-30 November 2012 a CityHush workshop specifically designed for local authorities will take place. A second workshop will be organised on 10-11 December in Stockholm jointly with a seminar targeting noise stakeholders beyond local authorities.

Topics of the workshop in Perugia include noise score rating and the effects of quiet facades and quiet areas; quiet-zones and the cases of Stockholm and Gothenburg; low noise road surfaces; and reducing noise levels and annoyance of powered two-wheelers.

For more informationm visit or contact Dagmar Röller.