CityHush results to reduce traffic noise shared in new newsletter and upcoming workshops for local authorities

In order to reduce noise in city environments, CityHush develops suitable problem identification and evaluation tools and designs noise reduction solutions for hot spots that show a high correlation with annoyance and complaints.

Towards the end of this year, one CityHush seminar and two training workshops will be held to which you are invited to attend. The training workshops target specifically local authorities and will teach participants how the concepts developed by CityHush can assist them in tackling transport issues in their cities and meeting the European Noise Directive requirements. These tools include the concept of quiet zones, noise absorbing facades, road surface and others.

Save the dates:

  • The first training workshop for local authorities will be held within the framework of the Annual Polis Conference in Perugia on 29-30 November 2012.
  • The seminar targets stakeholders from different sectors interested in urban transport noise abatement, and will take place with the second training workshop on 10-11 December 2012 in Stockholm, in conjunction with the final seminar of the Hosanna project ( Hosanna works towards a toolbox for the reduction of road and rail traffic noise in the outdoor environment.

Polis members are invited to attend these events free of charge.

Newly released newsletter

The newly released newsletter marks the final phase of the project, when many results become available. Topics covered in the CityHush newsletter are:

For more information, please contact Dagmar Röller.

[Download the full newsletter here.]