Cities discussed transport challenges of large events

The third meeting of cities, which are end users of the STADIUM project, took place on 12 September 2011 in Senigallia, Italy. Polis is a member of the STADIUM consortium.

In the meeting, the state of the STADIUM Handbook was presented and views, comments and expectations of the User Group cities were collected. In a second part, experiences from cities which hosted extraordinary events such as the visit of the pope in Ancona were shared. Cities going to host the FIFA World Cup as well as Summer and Winter Olympics presented their traffic management plans for the events.

Participants of the third User Group meeting came from Curitiba, Krakow, London, Rio de Janeiro and Sochi. For the first time, a representative of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi (Russia) was among participants of the User Group. Contacts with Brazilian partners had been strengthened and resulted in strong involvement of Brazilian cities.

The presentations given are available for download: click here.

For more information, visit the STADIUM website or contact Sylvain Haon.