CHAMP project kicks off peer review process in Burgos

You cannot reach new goals and improve your performance if you do not have a clear picture of your starting point and your strengths and weaknesses. This also applies to cycling policies in cities. The CHAMP project is therefore developing and testing a performance assessment tool which builds on two elements; a self-analysis and a peer review. It allows cities to carry out a gap analysis and draw up a resulting action plan with clear and measurable targets, for further improving their cycling policy.

Burgos was the first CHAMP city to have fellow CHAMP cities review its cycling policy on-site. The other cities are going through the same exercise now and results of the whole process will be available by summer. The cities involved are Groningen, Örebro, Bolzano, Edinburgh,Ljubljana, Burgos and Kaunas.

In CHAMP, each city will also have an intensive capacity building opportunity in one of the other participating cities, focusing on the weaknesses that have been identified within its cycling policy. This training and exchange programme will also open up to a selected number of cities from outside the consortium. Contact us if you are interested!

For more information, have a look at the CHAMP website that has just been launched: We also invite you to like the CHAMP Cycling page on Facebook, follow @CHAMPProject on Twitter and join the CHAMP Cycling LinkedIn group to be kept informed of all the latest developments!