Catalonia presents new bus network with High Level of Service at 2012 Polis Conference

The Annual Polis Conference showcases a number of urban transport achievements cities across Europe made. Catalonia, for example, shares their first bus rapid transport experience on Thursday, 29 November at 16.00h. The session "Promoting quality in public transport" is co-organised with the ENERQI project, which developed a quality monitoring methodology, which is ready to be employed by transport operators acrorss Europe. ENERQI aims to improve public transport by using observations of customers regarding quality.

In Catalonia, it was the 29th of October 2012, which saw the kick off of Catalonia new interurban bus network with High Level of Service (BHLS). The new interurban bus network is called ‘exprés. cat’ to respond to the increased quality demand on public transport during the last ten years (57%).

Improved service of the exprés cat include high frequency in peak hours and new direct bus services, high and competitive commercial speed using HOV-BUS lanes and priority in traffic interseccions, real time information to the user, better intermodality with other modes of transport, fully accessible vehicles for disabled people, the use of biodiesel and wifi inside the buses.

The new bus expres network will be integrated under a new corporate image, ‘expré’, that brings visibility to the user and facilitate their rapid identification.

Four new lines started running through the new HOV-BUS lane located in one of the most congested highways towards Barcelona in October this year.

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