Car2go initiative launched in Amsterdam

The 300 electric smarts can be rented without having to specify exactly when and where they have to be subsequently returned. The cars can be recharged on the street at designated Amsterdam charging stations. According to Car2go CEO Robert Henrich this follows city trends whereby people increasingly exchange their car for car sharing. “It complements existing transport facilities for people who spontaneously need to rent a car for a short period. It means no fixed costs such as road tax, car insurance, parking permit, and MOT. Experience with Car2go in other cities demonstrates that the demand exists.”

Customers can drive anywhere with their Car2go, but upon completion of the rental, must return the car to the Car2go zone, a service area encompassing 80 square kilometres. Smarts can park for free there and can be left in a regular parking space or at any of the 200 roadside charging stations that Amsterdam now boasts. It is also possible to park the car in one of 36 specially designated Car2go parking places spread over six Q-Park garages in the city centre.

The Car2go’s have a range of 153 kilometres per hour. When the battery charge drops to 20%, the car must be parked at one of the charging stations. A minute of driving costs 29 Euro cents and the hourly tariff is €12.90. The day tariff is €39 (24 hours).

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