Car-sharing project: presentations online

Car-sharing is a service most often provided by a private company that rents cars (or vans) to those who need them on a short term basis (also called "car club" in the UK and Ireland). Car sharing can also be made available through a peer-to-peer model, whereby individuals lend their vehicles to others within their peer network. 

The MOMO project helped to provide impetus for car-sharing projects in Europe, and also communicate the benefits of car-sharing for urban areas. The major benefits that can be seen from car sharing are in terms of reduced space taken up by parked cars: the figures vary dependent on the scheme, but, for example in Bremen, it is calculated that 8-10 cars are replaced per car sharing car in the city. This means that residents choose to use a car-sharing car instead of owning their own, and this refers to purchase or ownership of a first car, and not a second or third car.

Car sharing has other benefits than just reclaiming public space from parked cars: including reduced number of car trips, more walking and cycling for those using car sharing instead of car ownership, etc.

The conference ended with a presentation of the "Momorandom", highlighting recommendations from the project.

To view the presentations, and more about the project, view the project website