Call for the Brussels Region for new ideas and examples on the optimization of the use of public space

Examples collected so far are:

  • temporary bus lanes combined with parking authorizations or not;
  • authorizing night-time parking on delivery areas;
  • multipurpose lane assignment;
  • making unused private parking facilities available to the public;
  • flexible assignment of public spaces (pedestrian areas, delivery areas, restaurant terraces, etc.) to meet specific needs at certain times of day, using LED lights incorporated in the road surface;
  • etc.

Polis members aware of examples of such measures implemented in built-up areas and in cities are encouraged to report their ideas, provide a link to more information or to a contact person to the Belgian Road Research Centre. A copy of the study will be made available to all contributors in early 2013.

For each of the reported measure the following data will be needed: 

  • title;
  • general information (location, budget and completion date, etc.);
  • an explanation of the working principle;
  • generated/expected results during implementation.

Any information, even incomplete, is welcome.

To meet the deadlines for the completion of the study, data collection should be finalized by the 15th of January 2013.

Questions and input to be sent to:

Olivier VAN DAMME, C.E.
Mobility Division
Belgian Road Research Centre
TEL.: +32 (0)10 23.65.13