Call for member support to maintain the European Parliament Urban Intergroup: sign up now!

Intergroups aim at holding informal exchanges of views on particular subjects and promoting contact between Members of the European Parliament and civil society. Intergroups can hold meetings and are able to financially support events and seminars to this purpose.

Every parliamentary term has the rights to establish Intergroups but only in a limited number. The European Parliament political groups are currently finalizing the decisions on the intergroup. With a limited number of thematic intergroups, the competition is severe.

In the absence of an Intergroup on urban mobility, Polis believes that it is essential that the Urban Intergroup be maintained in the next term and that urban mobility becomes a strong feature of the intergroup’s work. Though no intergroup on urban mobility existed in the previous term, Polis was a partner of the Urban Intergroup, chaired by the Polish MEP Jan Olbrycht.

Polis asks you to support maintaining the Urban Intergroup in the next term with a special focus on urban mobility as one of its priorities.

It is all the more relevant to have urban mobility discussed within an intergroup in the European Parliament because urban mobility is an area that goes beyond the remit of the transport: European environment, climate, research and innovation, industry, energy and health policies are all strongly linked to urban mobility. Not only does the Transport Committee in the European Parliament deal with issues that are of relevance to urban mobility, so do the ENVI and ITRE Committees. With issues such as Air Quality and energy emerging as central greater coherence between policies is becoming central to more efficient implementation at local level of urban mobility policies.

To support the call, you can send the following message: "I support maintaining the Urban Intergroup in the next European Parliament with urban mobility as one of its priorities"  by clicking here.