Call for cities to join Bologna for the 2013 European Cycling Challenge

The Europen Cycling Challenge 2013 follows up the successful results achieved during the 2012 edition, a urban cycling contest co-financed by the CIVITAS MIMOSA project and involving a number of participants far beyond every expectation.

More than 1.100 cyclists from 7 EU cities tracked over 89.000 kms rode by bike in many cases renouncing to private motorised means. The competition was implemented in collaboration with Endomondo, a sports community which supplied free real-time GPS mobile apps as well as an exclusive webpage dedicated to the challenge.

Endomondo GPS tracking provided participant cities with heat maps highlighting the most used cycling paths, being a suitable tool for planning and controlling cyclist flows in the cities. The challenge mechanism was very stimulating and appreciated by all cyclists.

In line with the previous edition the ECC2013 consists in a mileage challenge where groups of urban cyclists track their “transport cycling” trips during a month, quantifying CO2 savings in comparison to their habitual behaviour.

If you are interested to join the challenge please contact Polis for more information before 15 February:

Contact Bologna:

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