Building roundabouts and parking for cyclists

The PRESTO project is about competence building in cycling policies, for which training materials are offered to help local authorities to increase the cycling mode share in their cities. These training materials include fact sheets and policy guides and training sessions (both onsite and through e-learning).

On the 30-31 March, the 4th PRESTO onsite training took place in Venice, Italy. Although not known for its cycling mode share, the mainland part of the Municipality of Venice (Mestre) has a 19% mode share of cycling, with considerable dedicated infrastructure for cyclists. The training course focused on local aspects of three topics:

  • Bicycle parking plans, led by Alex Sully, Transport Initiatives LLP (UK)
  • Junctions, roundabouts, and cycling in pedestrian areas, led by Michael Aherne, National Transport Authority Ireland (IE)
  • Lifecycle project workshop on the promotion of cycling as a daily transport, led by Raymond Fismer, ADFC (DE)

The training materials will be made available on the PRESTO website at, where further information about the project can be found (including the fact sheets and policy guides available in several languages). If you are interested in future trainings, or would like more information, contact Anna Clark.