Barriers, enablers and KPIs for ITS

The market segments addressed include:

Advanced Traveller Information Systems (ATIS): ITS services that provide travellers with real-time travel and traffic information

- Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS): ITS services that focus on traffic control devices, such as traffic signals, ramp metering, parking management systems and demand & access management systems.

- Advanced Transportation Pricing System (ATPS): ITS-enabled transportation pricing systems, mainly used for electronic toll collection purposes.

- Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS): ITS services that enable transit vehicles, whether bus or rail, to optimise their operations, e.g. by real-time reporting on their current location or improved information on their usage patterns.

- Cooperative Vehicle Systems (CVS): ITS services that involve communication and information sharing betwen ITS stations in order to give advice or facilitate actions with the objective of improving safety, sustainability, efficiency and comfort beyond the scope of stand-alone systems.


The survey can be found here.  It has 9 questions and will take approximately 10-15 mins to answer. All responses are anonymous.