Autolib’ electric car sharing network launched in Paris

The four person electric car is called a ‘Bluecar‘, was conceived by the Bolloré Group, designed by Pininfarina, and produced on an industrial scale by Cecomp. It has a lithium metal polymer battery, which can be recharged to drive the car up to 200,000 kilometres before the battery has to be replaced. Vincent Bolloré, Chairman of Bolloré Group, said “we have better things to do than worry about the future. We have to invent it, create it, and prepare it for future generations.”

250 Autolib’ rental stations have been established already. It is planned to add 300 electric ‘Bluecars’ per month to the Parisian service from now until June 2012. By next year, Autolib’ expects to have 3,000 electric Bluecars and 6600 recharging stations in Paris and its suburbs. An available Bluecar can be collected for use from any rental station and returned to any other rental station around the city of Paris and its suburbs. Each car has on-board GPS and can be tracked by the operations centre.

The service is available in the city of Paris and its 45 surrounding communities. Subscriptions are sold annually at 144€ per year for individuals and 133€ for families, with weekly and monthly subscriptions also available. 2,000 subscriptions have already been made.

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