Autolib’ celebrates its first birthday

Some 1750 electric cars are operating in Paris and its suburbs. The 720 stations located in 47 local authority areas of the greater Paris region are within proximity of more than 4 million people. The majority of trips are made by Parisians (60%); however the number of trips undertaken by people from the suburbs (35%) is constantly increasing. Young people aged 18-34 years represent more than 50% of the 47 500 subscribers, closely followed by the next age group (35-49 years) which makes up 33%. Around 1 000 people subscribe every week.


The first year recorded 820 000 rentals, with an average distance of 9 km per trip and an average trip time of 40 minutes. The weekends and evenings are the busiest times for Autolib’, with 50% of all trips occurring after 15.00h. Two-thirds of trips are undertaken within Paris; 13% are from Paris to the suburbs; 11% from the suburbs to Paris; and 9% within the suburbs.


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