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STIF is the public transport authority for the Île-de-France Region. Its missions are the definition and organisation of public transport services (definition of services for road, light rail, heavy rail and for the quality of service, fare policy, contractual relation with operators, and financial aspects). STIF also takes care of the extension of the network as well as defining projections, planning and monitoring activities. STIF has extensive experience with integrated public transport services and integrated fare policy which aim to provide the right level of service and quality over a variety of modes to meet the mobility needs of the 11.5 million inhabitants of the region including people with reduced mobility and people living in more rural areas. STIF is aware of and involved in developing sustainable strategies to achieve a better mobility, thus supporting the economic growth of the region.

STIF is involved in CAPRICE: Capital regions integrating collective transport for increased energy efficiency

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  • Management Committee: No
General Information
  • Land area: 12.000
  • Total population: 11,6 million
  • Population density: 912 / km²
Road network length
  • Motorways: 800 kms
  • Main roads: 800 kms
  • Secondary roads: 500 kms
  • Cycling network: 2100 km
Traffic volume
  • Traffic volume: 31 381 050 kms / day
Public transport
  • Metro: 16 lines / 217 kms
  • Tram: 4 lines / 42 kms
  • Bus: 1 449 lines / 24 661 kms
Modal split
  • Car: 43,2%
  • Public transport: 20,5%
  • Cycling: 2,2%
  • Walking: 32%
  • Other 2,1%