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Pisa (IT)

Pisa is at the centre of a vibrant area, with 2.5 million people living within 60 minutes of the city and 91,000 residents in the city itself. Its mobility system must however accommodate the movements of many more people, since it is a major tourist destination, a transport hub, and is home to a university with 55,000 students of which 30,000 live in the city but are not officially counted as residents.

Eighteen millions passengers transit via Pisa train station on a yearly basis, including some of the ten million tourists each year which come to visit Piazza dei Miracoli where the Leaning Tower stands. Air traffic has been growing continuously since 1999, and has reached four million passengers a year, a number still expected to grow. The municipality is actively developing a sustainable intermodal link for airport passengers between the city centre, the surrounding area, and the air terminal which is located in the urban area. The intermodal strategy is also looking at the possibility to use canals to create a link between the airport, Pisa, and the Port of Livorno nearby.

The municipality is reinforcing the public transport links between the main railway station, large facilities (the hospital) and the main sites of interest (Leaning Tower). The implementation of three bus lines on dedicated infrastructures has increased ridership by 30%. It has been combined with incentives to use alternatives modes of transport to the private car: the creation of pedestrian streets, the implementation of access restriction schemes for some areas; free parking at modal interchanges connecting to the dedicated bus lines or shuttle bus services; and a specific parking policy with higher parking fees closer to the city centre. Dedicated bicycles lanes have also been created.

Pisa is/was involved in EU projects Civitas Plus, NOVELOG and POSSE.