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Edinburgh (GB)

Edinburgh (GB)

The City of Edinburgh Council’s area includes the city, six smaller towns and a 78 km2 rural area. Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital and the Scottish Parliament building is located in the city. 

To guide the development of and investment in Edinburgh’s transport facilities, the Council has produced a Local Transport Strategy 2007 – 12 and a longer term Transport 2030 Vision. The main aims of the Strategy are to support a sustainable and growing local and regional economy, improve safety for all transport users, reduce the environmental impacts of travel, promote better health and fitness, and reduce social exclusion. The Transport 2030 Vision sits alongside the Local Transport Strategy, together they guide the work of the Council’s Transport service.

Within Polis, the City of Edinburgh Council currently provides the Chair of the Social and Economic Working Group and has benefited from training on European funding.

Edinburgh is/was involved in EU projects including iCars, Conduits, MEDIATE, Interreg III B, North West Europe programme: OPTIMUM2, ECOSTARS, CHAMP and STARS.

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  • Management Committee: No
General Information
  • Land area: 262,28
  • Total population: 477.660
  • Population density: 1,821/km²
Road network length
  • Motorways: 28 km
  • Main roads: 160 km
  • Secondary roads: 1.264 km
  • Cycling network: 205 km
Traffic volume
  • Traffic volume: 2,978 million vehicle - km
Public transport
  • Metro: NA
  • Tram: NA
  • Bus: 130 million passenger journeys
Modal split
  • Car: 43%
  • Public transport: 20%
  • Cycling: 2%
  • Walking: 34%
  • Other 1%