Province of Flemish Brabant

Flemish Brabant is the central province in Belgium and in the region of Flanders and has more than 1,1 million inhabitants. Brussels, a separate administrative entity with as many inhabitants and huge numbers of commuters, is situated in the middle of Flemish Brabant, posing specific mobility challenges as well as unique policy opportunities.

The province links the 65 municipalities in Flemish Brabant and the Flemish and federal governments. It promotes sustainable mobility, develops a network of bicycle highways, funds local bicycle initiatives and infrastructure and supports traffic safety initiatives. Furthermore, the province develops and implements the spatial policy framework that enables the region to combine population and economic growth with a high quality of life. Enhancing the link between space for living and sustainable transport is an important objective (eg. Finally, the province aims to become climate neutral and thus develops and supports regional and local initiatives to make transport and mobility carbon free.

Flemish Brabant is/was involved in EU projects: CHIPS, Educavia, Cycling Tunnels N2, N3, N21 (EFRO-Vlaanderen), Waterstofregio-2-0 and Stargate.

Flemish Brabant has published the following documents:

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